Body Mecanics


Stelarc, the Australian-based performance artist and hybridization pioneer, was an active participant in the cultural and political debate on extending the human body and enhancing its capacities through human-machine interfaces, prosthetics and robotics. One cannot stay indifferent to Stelarc’s extreme views and singular experiments. Placed at the heart of his research, the body – and his body in particular – is enhanced by machines and completed with sounds, music, the Internet, videos and computers which Stelarc adds to his devices. 
His projects raise the question of prosthetics – mechanical, virtual and biological – and the idea of an evolutionary architecture of the body.
These body mechanics are an original use of the living body and of design: the body is redesigned, reengineered, reorchestrated through videos, photos, prototypes... Stelarc’s very own, new generation, curiosity shop!

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