Editorial Dominique Roland

Vice-Director of the town services of Enghien-les-Bains - Department "Digital Innovation and development"

The year 2014 was marked by the admission of Enghien-les-Bains to the UNESCO Creative Cities network and the appointment of the Centre des arts as the coordinator of the media arts category.

The recent signing of a partnership agreement with the Académie des sciences at the Institute of France has strengthened the meaning given to our approach connecting arts, sciences and technology.

2015 will continue this climb under the sign of innovation, with the inauguration of a digital firm incubator called Numéric Lab. Three firms with an innovative digital content are already installed at the Centre des arts:  Highlab (digital and technological production center), Ediogames (studio mixing video games and web agency) and Diplopixels (a firm providing innovative digital solutions to promote the cultural and tourist heritage in modern cities).

The Cda which runs this incubator on behalf of the city of Enghien-les-Bains, in collaboration with the CAVAM and Val d'Oise Technopole, adds another brick to the creative ecosystem of Enghien-les-Bains. This incubator contributes to the new digital identity of the area in an innovative environment, contributor of new wealth in terms of employment and attractiveness.

But let back to the programming.

Under the symbol of two geographical hemispheres of perception, this season is trying to open a passage between two forms of representation of the contemporary world: the real and the virtual, the arts and sciences of the imagination, an augmented experience of space and time.
We know that digital creation is protean. It covers different forms as generative art, interactive art, net art, virtual reality or augmented reality. To which extent arts and sciences are mutually enriching and conditioning the emergence of new aesthetics of the sensitive world?

From this point of view, the programming 2015/2016 offers the opportunity to live an experience through twenty shows (including 10 creations), 3 exhibitions, over 300 film screenings, 16 workshops and a conference cycle. Four key events complete this programming: Plein les mirettes, the festival for children; Paris Images Digital Summit, dedicated to digital creation and special effects, the result of a co-production with the Regional Film Commission; Image by Image, an animated film festival and finally, to close the season, les Bains numériques, the 9th International Biennial of Digital Arts, at the crossroads between the worlds of art and science.

Director of the Centre des arts

"This is from the action that we construct our perception of the world. The brain is not a simple logic simulator which builds a picture of the world to guide his actions. It’s rather an emulator. ".  Alain Berthoz