Editorial Philippe Sueur

Mayor of Enghien-les-Bains, Vice president of the General Council of the Val d’Oise

Choreographic plays, inspired recitals or music from far afield (Ivette Cepeda, Legends of Cuba), exhibitions, haute couture venues with Korean telepresence, entertainments associating digital arts and more traditional disciplines, a new season opens in the Centre des arts. The centre invites artists who knew how to discover new artistic continents, like Karl Bartos from Kraftwerk and artists investigating possibilities such as Pierre Giner.

The Classics are present, tied to the Foundation Royaumont, then later to the soprano Sandrine Piau. The past and present have been reconciled here. The Centre des arts also has a tremendous ambition for 2011, with new family engagements. This greater attention towards families works in accordance to an adapted tariff policy, workshops dedicated to visual arts and cinema, on weekends, including educational work for a new connection with live performances. Another innovation, an invitation made to a film director for a rare sharing moment.

For the opening season, a meeting and a reconciliation of arts and nanosciences, in a world where science attracts mistrust, it appears to be an amazing stake for the present. Because a shared opinion would like to see, in the technical and digital technology age, the world’s disillusion, artists welcomed to Enghien-les-Bains in 2011-2012 have the ambition to re-enchant it. They are proposing a new intimacy in face of imposed transparency. Creation questions and outlines, on its level, ethics for these new digital customs.