Lo-Fi Dance (Low-Fidelity Dance) - Pauline Simon

Pauline Simon - Lo-Fi Dance (Low-Fidelity Dance)
Friday 15 june at 6:00 pm

A dancer films herself at home and performs live a wild and technical choreography guided by what she finds browsing and surfing the Internet. LO-FI DANCE seizes upon the cultural mix and diversity of dance forms on the web creating a new order that flips what we know as dancing on its head.

> Competition: Performing Arts Award

Pauline Simon, France
Pauline Simon - Lo-Fi Dance (Low-Fidelity Danse)
Pauline Simon - Lo-Fi Dance (Low-Fidelity Dance)
Auditorium du Centre des arts
12-16 rue de la Libération
95880 Enghien-les-Bains 48° 58' 18.8796" N, 2° 18' 18.4752" E