#1 - MAIN - Musique et Autisme : Interaction Numérique

Françoise Dorocq, Luc Vandromme, Léopold Frey
Bains numériques
Thursday 2 June 2016 - 11:00

@Auditorium École de Musique

Theme: the role of the digital tools and the new techniques of artistic creation in the interactions between autistic and non-autistic people.

This labo will question the key role of the sound universe for people affected by autistic disorders as underlined by recent scientific researches. How does the spatializing better the appre-hension of the rhythm and the sound? Thanks to workshops, set up between March and May 2016 at the School for music in Enghien-les-Bains, a multidisciplinary team will experiment real time devices as the motion-capture, together with autistic pupils. The Labo MAIN will have for objective to explain and to analyze this approach.

With the intervention of:
• Françoise Dorocq : the director-founder of the Apte association, she created the method Dolce, a teaching meth-od for piano for the autistic.
• Luc Vandromme : a professor in psychology at the University of Picardie, his researches centers on the infantile handicap and on the notions bound to learning, the development of capacities, the interactions and the transmission. His doctoral thesis was dedicated to the study of the infantile autism.
• Léopold Frey : a musician, programmer, he develops software for real time interaction in the sound, video and light field adapted to the live performance, the music and the plastic arts.

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