#2 - Ergo-conférence

Bains numériques
Thursday 2 June 2016 - 14:00

@Auditorium des Thermes

Theme: the use and the nature of the hybrid contemporary body

Ergonomics is an art-science project which aims at the study of the < urban body >. It plays with the limits of the reality by the development of a poetic language oscillating between fic-tion and documentary. The first shape developed by the Ergonomics team is < SmartBody >, a prototype of what would be the body of future, a smart body fine-tuned to the smart cities in a near future.
The artists to invite the spectators to participate in a collective experiment which consists in building the bodies which embody us and to choreograph the cities in which we live.

Ergonomics is an innovative start-up. It was created by a researchers international team who come from diverse disciplines from art and science. Ergonomics centers its activity on the study of the current urban body to propose smart solutions for the body of future. Its main objective is to raise the problem of the future of our bod-ies and our cities in the era of the digital technology

"Ergonomics is evolution, Ergonomics is to take in hand in an active and aware way the evolution of our species." J. Valiente

With the intervention of:
• Rocio Bérenguer (Prize BN#8 for « Corps/nonlieu» 2014): : a Spanish artist and founder of the company Pulso, she envisages her movements as a dra-matic art of the body, the urban body particulary, whose the videosurveillance, the coercive architecture of the generic cities, the mutant form of flamenco or the update of a system of physical exploitation can be alternately the enemies, the allies or the choir.
• Marja Freigang : a German artist, she works with Rocio on the research on the use and the nature of the con-temporary body - hybrid.

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