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Cristina Hoffmann
Bains numériques
Mondes Sensibles
Fabrique numérique
Wednesday 1 June 2016 - 11:00 to Sunday 5 June 2016 - 22:00

@At the pavillon de la Fabrique numérique

The encounter as medium.

Cristina Hoffmann is interested in our tools, our identities, our knowledge and the way in which we build up our realities. With the support of the Centre des Arts and the Centre Communal d’Action Social, the artist runs workshops with seniors from Enghien throughout the year and together, they test the limits of what they consider possible in their relationship towards art and new technologies.

For the 9th Edition of the Bains Numériques, Cristina proposes to re-create the spirit of experimentation and discovery of these workshops, opening it up to all publics. Through drawing and new DIY technologies, the collaborative performance “Three-handed” will explore the encounter between a robot called Pi, the artist, the participants to the digital workshops at the Cda, and the public of the biennale.


In collaboration with Enghien Les Bain’s Centre des arts and CCAS.
With the complicity of the participants to the digital workshops, the Hype(R)Olds workshops and Irvin Anneix. .

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