Expo 3D

Rétrospective de l’image stéréoscopique
Bains numériques
Saturday 14 June 2014 - 09:00 to Friday 20 June 2014 - 19:00
Friday 20 June 2014 - 19:00

"The projection of two obviously dissimilar images on the two retinas when a single object is viewed, and while the optical axes converge, must therefore be regarded as a new fact in the theory of vision."
Sir Charles Wheatstone, 1838.


Since the release of Avatar in 2009, our way of understanding the image took on a new dimension. 

The rise of 3D, leaving the popular experience that technological innovation allowed him to win again on the market picture. 

Praise short because like high definition techniques, the relief does not ... or seduced. For 3D to speak in 2014, we must look at its history. 

Back to an old method over a century and a half!

The Expo provides a definition 3D stereoscopic image with a summary of the major periods of its history. 

She discusses the main techniques that have made it successful and highlights the imagery of the time.

This exhibition is designed from the perspective of a stroll, where visitors can follow the thread of a "story", that of the stereoscopic image, combining archives and digital processes parts. 

The exhibition presents different periods (1838 to 2014) space, corresponding to the major phases in the history of 3D. 

So four modules address major techniques that have made it successful, and highlight the imaging time.

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