Bains numériques
Concert électro
Tuesday 17 June 2014 - 19:00 to 21:00
Digital stringed instrument – installation and performance

This art project, led in collaboration with François Zajája tasked with visuals and data mapping, Yacine Sebti with sound editing and the Institut Numédiart with gesture recognition, is devised around technology and instinct and improvisation.

Fragments #43-44 was originally developed as a musical instrument that could be literally and physically played by the body within a collection of sounds but with no contact whatsoever with sensors or an actual stringed instrument.

A simple process, the player faces a camera that registers their movements and gestures and translates them into audio and visual effects.

Once plunged into this system of digital strings, the user navigates within a series of collections of sounds including abstract textures, voices, environmental sounds and sonic décors.

The result is the ability to compose there and then a unique improvised audiovisual piece.

Both orchestral conductor and interface between sounds, machines and images, performer Gauthier Keyaerts immerses himself totally in the system in order to plumb the depths of the subconscious of new forms as profoundly as possible.

The experience is also open to the public as an installation.


Gauthier Keyaerts, musician, performer and composer, is fascinated by images. More than just part of a day’s work as film critic, having discovered a passion for installations they hold their own artistic appeal.

François Zajája is a digital artist living and working in Belgium. Currently a researcher at Numédiart in the area of computer vision, he also lectures at arts2 academy of arts in Mons and participates in several art projects.


Funded by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, section Digital Arts 
Coproduction Numédiart and Transcultures.

Fragments was strongly supported by Philippe Franck / Transcultures. The installation was presented - in prototype form and under another name, in the 2013 edition of City Sonic.

Images de présentation: