Pauline de Chalendar and the professeur Laurent Grisoni
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Thursday 2 June 2016 - 11:00 to Sunday 3 July 2016 - 20:00

The Freehand project places the practice of the drawing at the heart of the new technological approaches. Initiated in 2015 by the artist Pauline de Chalendar in the Fresnoy, a national studio of the contemporary arts, it is developed in association with the project team of research MINT, the PIRVI, and it is supported by the initiative SCV.

A device of infrared captation allows the user to sketch some digital contents in immersive environment and gives life to the first intention of the artist: draw in the air.

What happens to the drawing without its support? How the body and its movement influence the design? The project pushes away the codes and the constraints of the classic drawing by questioning in a sensitive way the continuum between the paper and the immersive environment.

News of the project

• A study day “Du corps à l’image” The University of Lille 3, 04.21.16 (videos)
• IEEE VIS 2015 Arts Program (VISAP’15) Data Improvisations - Leroy Neiman Gallery, School of the Art Institute - Chicago, USA - 11. 27.2015 au 29.11.15 (vidéo et casques bois)
• Panorama 17 Techniquement douce - Le Fresnoy - national studio of the contemporary arts - 09/18/2015 to 01/06/2016 (multimedia installation, drawings and wooden helmets)
• Vice Versa 2.0, day of presentation of innovative digital projects - Artothèque of Mons, Belgium - 10/30/2015 (Version of the drawing adapted for Oculus Rift without the ARTtrack’s device)
• Workshop for school groups «À main levée» from 12/07/2015 to 12/11/2015, Imaginarium of Tourcoing (Device of 3D drawing, wooden helmet and public display)


Production Le Fresnoy - national studio of the contemporary arts

This project benefited from the support of the team MINT-PIRVI (University of Lille 1, CRIStAL and INRIA Lille Nord Europe) and of the initiative Sciences and Cultures of the Picture (Imaginarium/Tourcoing)

In association with Xavier Wielemans, freelance multimedia developer

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