Bains numériques
En famille
Friday 20 June 2014 - 19:00 to 22:00

Dance-digital arts performance

In Japanese, hakanaï means ephemeral and fleeting, fragile and transient, somewhere between dream and reality.

An ancient word, it evokes the intangible, the stuff of the human condition and its precariousness, but also interconnected with nature.

Hakanaï is a choreographed performance by a dancer moving around inside a white tulle cube.

Four synchronised videos project onto the tulle a visual universe in constant flux, generated in real time and interpreted as a ‘digital score’.

The dancer’s body enters into a dialogue with these moving images, simple, abstract black-and-white shapes.

The sound composition is also performed live to produce a perfect sensory display of audio, visuals and dance.

At the end of the dance performance, the spectators are invited to move around and interact with the installation.

Adrien Mondot is a multidisplinary artist, computer scientist and juggler. He won the Prix Bains Numériques in 2008 with the performance piece Cinématique. He met Claire Bardainne in 2010 at Labo#5 and, in 2011, they revamped the company’s project to become Adrien M/Claire B.

Claire Bardainne is a visual artist, stage and graphic designer and a graduate of Ecole Estienne and ENSAD in Paris. Her visual research focuses on the connection between signs, space and journeys, exploring the to-and-fro between the imagination and the real.

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