Jackson and His Computerband

Bains numériques
Concert électro
Saturday 14 June 2014 - 23:00 to 23:45
at 11 pm


Live show accompanied by an exclusive audiovisual display on an airship above the lake
After intriguing and igniting clubs and festivals with his sound, Jackson is back, bringing with him a romantic and biting electronic orgy of a brand new genre—Glow (his next album is slated for release on 24 August).

“I hope this album exudes as much tenderness as it does illusion of being able to lift a truck with one hand.”

Speaking about his upcoming live appearance with his mysterious ‘computerband’, he says: “Playing live opens the doors to a world in perpetual mutation and a real-time communion with the public.

Handcrafted, my Computerband is a musical instrument I play manually.

It’s now very much alive… It’s also the symbol of a dream come true because, instead of having to have my eyes glued to a computer screen, I can make my music in real time via a giant monitor facing the audience.

It’s this combination of sweat and steel that makes it so dazzlingly beautiful.” (Jackson)

Jackson & His Computerband or simply Jackson (his real name is Jackson Fourgeaud) is a French electro musician.

After an intensive foray into rock, he began his electro career making acid house at Pumpkin Records in 1996.

He was then spotted by the highly selective British label Warp and went on to release his first album Smash on 19 September 2005.

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