Le Bain d'ondes

François Abelanet
Bains numériques
Mondes Sensibles
Wednesday 1 June 2016 - 11:00 to Sunday 5 June 2016 - 22:00

@Square Villemessant


A man of nature and advocate of land art, architect François Abélanet expresses through his monumental installations his passion for art, design and, of course, anamorphosis. Juggling geometry, perspectives and impressions, he manipulates and tames them before releasing them into the wild.

Abélanet’s installation, Le Bain d’Ondes, is a space to socialise and explore on the scale of a public garden. Extending beyond its lawns, banks and paths, this installation can be described as an all-over piece, white lines streaking across the ground and 3D objects recalling the pattern of the waves on the surface of the nearby lake. The periscope, a tower surmounted by a system of mirrors, stands at the edge of the garden overlooking the motifs, which appear to converge into a precise point. The image is revealed in 2D, re-establishing the perspectives so as to show that the landscape is the framework for this anamorphic installation.

François Abélanet reinvests the precepts of interactive and participative art where, from reality to illusion and games of perception, spectators explore their own territory.

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