The lunch of the technology

En partenariat avec AVRILE, Université de Paris 13 et la communauté d’agglomération Plaine Vallée.
Bains numériques
Les Rendez-vous de la Fabrique
Friday 3 June 2016 - 09:30

@Auditorium des Thermes

A morning on the theme Arts and Sciences with state-ofthe- art laboratories. Eminent researchers will present you their last advances in the field of the stereoscopic shooting, the technologies of synthesis and manipulation of images, applied to the museum mediation, but also their basic research concerning the technological innovations and the human sciences. These presentations will give rise to debates with the public, and will be followed by a lunch.

Will be present:
Labex Arts H2H, The University of Paris 8 LUTIN (Laboratory of the Uses in Digital Technologies of Information), The University of Paris 8, Paris 6 PLEIADE (multidisciplinary research center in letters, human sciences and societies), The University of Paris 13 PARAGRAPHE (Interdisciplinary research laboratory affiliated with the doctoral School Cognition, Language and Interaction (CLI)), The University of Paris 8 LIASD (Laboratory of Advanced Computing of Saint-Denis), The University of Paris 8 ART OF CORNER, Incub’13, The University of Paris 13.

Images de présentation: