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Kyun_kun with INNOLAB / ISI-Dentsu, Ltd.
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Thursday 2 June 2016 - 11:00 to Friday 3 June 2016 - 22:00


METCALF clione – Kyun_kun‘s Robotics Fashion Project produced by INNOLAB.

ISI-Dentsu, Ltd. Open Innovation Lab. creates experiences that matter by changing with design. We believe it is possible to create the future of 10 years’ time with the advanced technology of the present.

Therefore, our mission is neither to invent the latest technology, nor to write thick batches of report paper. We collect cutting-edge technologies, and try to create a service that no one has experienced. Once it takes shape, we assess its potential by subjecting it to a demonstration experiment. That’s because making prototype with technologies is the very mission of Open Innovation Lab.

Wanna pick a robot of your choice from your accessory drawer to go with today’s fashion? It may not be so far out in the future! Robotics Fashion Project (RFP), a high-profile project connecting fashion and technology, has started under the leadership of Kyunkun. RFP’s keyword is “Overcoming the Borders“, the project explored ways to challenge fashion experts to face new ideas and to discover new lifestyle.
And “METCALF” is a series of prototype of wearable IoT robot for fashion. People can feel affectionate towards the way the machine vibrates when it moves, or just feel attached to the way it is.

Created by Kyun_kun,
Graphics by Rei Nakanishi,
Powered by (Robot OS) V-Sido,
Produced by Junichi Suzuki, ISI-Dentsu Open Innovation Lab.

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Kyun_kun with INNOLAB / ISI-Dentsu, Ltd. | Fabrique numérique
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