Bains numériques
Concert électro
Friday 20 June 2014 - 21:00 to 22:00

Live improvised minimalist music

This live show brings together three musicians and a computer scientist from Ircam.

Two instrumentalists share their playing time between constructing phrases and improvising with their instruments.

Electro music manipulates the effects and modifies the textures of sounds emitted by the various synthesisers receiving the dynamic phrases to expand the interpretive and human dimension of electronic music.

A bold symbiosis of several contrasting musical approaches, ODEI is the already highly accomplished work in progress of three musicians from the Moï Moï collective: jazz and afro-funk drummer Arnaud Biscay and classical pianist Maxime Hoarau, both conservatory graduates, join Matthys, an electro producer with progressive influences.

From their first collaboration composing the soundtrack for Nathalie Rebholz’s film Wonderland, the trio went on to cross swords at live sets where their fusion sound surfaced only too spontaneously.

@Jardin des Roses

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