Norbert Hillaire
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Tuesday 29 April 2014 (All day) to Saturday 28 June 2014 (All day)

Norbert Hillaire’s Photomobiles are a collection of iPhone photographs taken from the inside of a car with the ubiquitous smartphone.

After a long editing process (but without any retouching), the photos were then composed as diptychs or triptychs before being ‘enhanced’ in gold—similarly to the technique used by illuminators in the Middle Ages—and then printed.

The result is a thought-provoking series of images on the fleeting passage of time and ephemeral happenings in a world configured by the exponential increase of speed and new technologies.

Might our mobile phones, often seen as restricting our view of the world, in fact offer the promise of a new freedom of perspective, the promise of an unprecedented visual extension of traditional forms of narrative?

Norbert Hillaire is a theorist, a lecturer at Nice-Sophia Antipolis University and an artist. He was one of the first to critically reflect on digital art and technology and has collaborated on numerous publications and projects for major institutions (French Ministry of Culture, Centre Pompidou, Datar).
His Photomobiles examine the relations between painting, photography and cinema and are regularly exhibited in France and abroad.

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