Sequences Identities et the Burger Branch

Ran Slavin
Bains numériques
Saturday 14 June 2014 (All day) to Friday 20 June 2014 (All day)

Video installations

The Burger Branch

Audio/Video—4:46, 2004
An absurd commercial re-edited for yet more absurdity.
Sequences Identities
Audio/Video—13:42, 2010
A piece commissioned by the Israeli Jewellery Biennial examining identity and the unexpected in the mundane.

Living in Tel Aviv, Israeli Ran Salvin may not be at the digital epicentre, yet he has carved out a big reputation on the European multimedia arts scene.
This jack-of-all-trades has turned his talents to producing music for films (winning awards along the way), installations, dance show soundtracks and, undoubtedly the pinnacle of his career, deeply personal ambient albums and compelling experimental films.

@UGC & @MC2 ► Rue General du G. De Gaulle

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