Bains numériques
Saturday 14 June 2014 - 21:00 to 22:00
From 9 pm to 10 pm



Digital and holographic show

Devised during his residency at the Centre des Arts, the celebrated contralto Gérard Lesne presents Shaman ou la cérémomie imaginaire [Shaman or the imaginary ceremony], a brand new creation in which he explores the figure of the artist as mediator between the visible and the invisible.

Produced by CDA Studio, the holograph is inspired by the old Pepper’s Ghost technique invented in 1862 that forms giant holograms on stage—a combo of cinematic images and special effects.

Gérard Lesne has created a ritual of transcendental proportions through visual displays and compositions blending ancient and electronic music, monodies and narration.

The Shaman comes on stage in his role as medicine man to exorcise the suffering of his patients through the narrow channels he has forged with higher spirits.

Calling on music, narration, light and sound, the performance seeks to bring on stage a ‘dreamed-up’ Shaman, an alchemist of the soul, capable of transmuting darkness into light, pain into serenity, evil into good.

Unlike a modern psychoanalyst who listens and coaxes us to reveal our pain through silence, the Shaman appears on stage, doomed to inspire, leading the audience with no apparent logic through a ritual fusing of monodies, scholarly music, plainsong and texts. Today’s poet is our Shaman.

Notching up a discography of over 70 recordings and performing on the finest of the world’s stages, Gérard Lesne is one of the most talented and well respected artists on the global music scene.

Founded in 1985, Il Seminario Musicale is an ensemble of varying numbers of first-class musicians that provides a medium for Gérard Lesne to explore, preserve and promote French and Italian baroque repertoires.

Images de présentation: 
Gérard Lesne - Festival Bains numériques #8