Bains numériques
Tuesday 17 June 2014 - 20:30 to 21:30
At 9 pm
In competition - France/Germany/Taiwan
Connected dance

Developed in Taiwan in November 2013 by a researcher from Grame, the project’s name Threads has a double meaning.

The first refers to a series of threads woven into a sonic fabric that slowly evolves over time and the second to a computing concept describing two or more actions executed concurrently.

Conceived from these two senses, the performance is based on a wave-like gesture composed of several ‘sonic threads’.

Two dancers interlace their movements, stimulated by the rhythm and evolution of the sonic energy.

Electronically connected via motion sensors, they create a new corpus—an interactive space. No longer a place of action, the stage turns into an extension of the human body.

As in an organic process, the flow of the dancers’ movements sculpts, proliferates and projects sounds and images in the space making Threads a fascinating dialogue between the body and technology in a performance exposing the ambiguity of multidisciplinary artistic relations. 


The "Threads" show (about 30 minutes) is offered in association with "Traverse" solo Shang Chi Sun music by Ryoji Ikeda.


Born in 1975 in Santiago de Chile, Roque Rivas studied electroacoustic composition and music technology at the Conservatoire de Lyon.

In 2005, he won the Conservatory’s composition prize and in 2009 was commissioned by the Centre Pompidou to create a piece for Soulages’ Black Light exhibition.

Taiwanese choreographer and dancer Shang-Chi Sun trained at the National Academy of Arts in Taipei.

Also holding an MA in choreography from Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin, he has collaborated with a number of companies in Europe and Asia.

Founded several years ago, Grame, Lyon’s national centre for musical creation, conducts research into music, dance and multimedia productions.

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