Vivarium - Insectes Solaires

Chu-Yin Chen
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Mondes Sensibles
Wednesday 1 June 2016 - 11:00 to Sunday 5 June 2016 - 22:00


Interactive sound installation
Vivarium designed and produced by Chu-Yin Chen

Chu-Yin Chen is professor of Arts and Technologies of Imagery (ATI) at University Paris 8 and head of the INRéV (Digital Image and Virtual Reality) research team at the laboratory. Her work, founded on artificial life and complex system design, explores and promotes the concepts of co-design and intersubjectivity.

Here she has collaborated with her students on an idea that puts an electronic microcosm in the spotlight. With a headlamp, visitors are invited to interact with solar insects housed in a vivarium. When their tiny solar-cell wings are lit up, these ‘e-insects’ twinkle and start singing in an improvised polyphonic performance!

The Solar Insects were created by first year ATI Master’s students at University Paris 8 during a workshop led by Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer (Kunst Universität Linz), as part of Labex Arts-H2H, a project sponsored by Chu-Yin Chen with technical assistance provided by Jean-François Jégo and Vincent Meyrueis.


ATI & INREV, Paris 8 (Saint Denis, France)

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