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Concert électro
Wednesday 18 June 2014 - 21:30 to 23:00
At 9.30 pm
In competition - France/Mexico
Immersive music experience

In Sanskrit, mantra means ‘instrument of thought’ and acknowledges the power of sound.

It is the vibration and resonance of sound that imparts its force to alter the environment and the individuals reciting the mantra. Mantra chanting is believed to have physical and spiritual benefits.

The We: Mantra project is the brainchild of three artists sharing a desire to give spectators an immersive experience.

The installation transports participants in cycles of sounds and images on a journey that is at once internal, cosmogonic and universal.

Through its retro-futurist mantras, the trio explore the nine moods of Indian music, which include valour, peace, disgust and love.

Synthesisers, electronic sounds but also the sitar invite the past, present and future to coexist on stage.

Drones and modal music create a link between the different emotions expressed through music and chant and contribute to the overall sense of immersion.

Live images played in tandem with the music and projected onto a huge screen surround the stage and performers with unique cosmic visuals.

Moving lines and white spots gradually morph into large repetitive and symmetrical geometric structures inspired by ancient shapes such as mandalas and Aboriginal painting.

Slow, perpetual movements hold our gaze and open our souls for an all-embracing mental and sensorial experience.


Don Niño is an English-speaking French musician. His concerts and albums have been making its own stamp on the riotous psychedelic pop scene since 2000.

Blending the elegance of an electronic genius, minimalist compositions and coldwave sounds, Cubenx is an emerging figure on the exciting and invigorating Mexican music scene.

French visual artist, engineer and programmer, Antoine Schmitt creates artworks in the form of objects, installations and situations to address the processes of movement at every level and challenge their intrinsic conceptual conundrums, be they visual, philosophical or social.

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