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Hirose-Tanikawa-Narumi Lab., The University of Tokyo
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Thursday 2 June 2016 - 11:00 to Friday 3 June 2016 - 22:00


Hirose-Tanikawa-Narumi Laboratory focuses on developing a high level user interface that unites human and computer seemlessly, that is, Cybernetic Interface. Starting with virtual reality technology (VR), we seek to research and develop such interfaces. The research themes that our laboratory is working on include image- based rendering technology, augmented reality (AR), multimodal/crossmodal interfaces, wearable computers and lifelog.
We are also interested in the contents based on these technologies and working on social projects such as the Digital Museum, the Digital Public Art, and the Senior Cloud projects.

“Window to the Past” is a tablet-based virtual reality system that enables us to explore virtual environments constructed with a large sequence of spherical images. We aim to communicate the meaning and value of culture over a passage of time with virtual reality. For the purpose, intuitive interfaces for looking and moving in virtual environments are developed, and make us feel as if we are in the archived space across time and space.

One of the applications in this exhibition enables us to explore the Modern Transportation Museum in Osaka, Japan, which were closed in April 2014. Through a collaboration with museums, we propose a novel museum exhibition methods which utilize virtual reality and augmented reality technologies for conveying background information about exhibits and whole exhibition effectively.

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Hirose-Tanikawa-Narumi Lab., The University of Tokyo | Fabrique numérique
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