Cultural engineering

For over 10 years, the Centre des Arts has offered cultural engineering expertise in a variety of fields. This expertise enables us to make available a wide range of technological services.

Architectural mapping

This is the projecting of spectacular images on building facades — from churches and casinos to town halls and residential properties. The Centre des Arts has produced several such projections, with image sizes ranging from 20m to 70m. These projections can be installed for a single evening or as much as several months.



In 2013, the Centre des Arts acquired specialist expertise in the production of stage shows combining live performers and holograms. This technology consists of employing the optical illusion Pepper's ghost (also known as Dircks’ ghost) that associates special lighting techniques and custom video imagery.

The Centre des Arts is wholly autonomous and handles every aspect of holographic projects, encompassing set design, filming, editing and technical installation.





Streaming and telepresence

The Centre is equipped with the technology and engineering facilities to broadcast events taking place on the premises to anywhere in the world via real-time Full HD streaming.

This expertise has already been applied to work meetings, dance and music performances and special events. The same technology is harnessed to implement telepresence, real-time performance or connections via the Internet to link two or more remote spaces.

Floating stage

For the occasion of the Bains Numériques Biennial and as a performance space hosting various concerts during the year, a fully collapsible floating stage with an opening measuring 27 metres across on a 4,752 sq.m-platform has been erected every year since 2008. The floating stage, the only one of its kind in Europe, is a real cornerstone of the town’s reputation as a centre of culture.