Since its inception, the Centre des arts has established in partnership with an international network long-term strategies and initiatives to:

• Promote the production and distribution of digital artworks through dialogue with other institutions and the sharing of sustainable best practices and tools;
• Disseminate the Centre’s expertise in the field of art, science and technology through experience and knowledge sharing (telepresence, holograms and other technologies);
• Foster diversity and intercultural dialogue and develop the creative minds of participating individuals and communities.

Artistic and cultural partnerships, a source of creativity and innovation

The CDA works closely with cultural institutions, festivals and artists from all over the world to promote the mobility of digital artists and artworks. The Centre has established special ties with Cuba as well as Canada, China, Japan and South Korea, countries at the forefront of digital art.

The outcome of these relations include:
Co-curation of exhibitions (with the Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo, bodig in Istanbul, Art Center Nabi in Seoul and others),
Residency exchange programmes with the Institut Français (French-Cuban residency, “Numerijazz”, the Cuban Embassy in Havana, France-Québec Digital Arts with the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, etc.),
European cooperation projects as part of the Culture 2007-2013 programme run by the European Commission and Creative Europe 2014-2020 (MADE project, Mobility Art Digital Europe, Sources of Culture with the EHTTA association, etc.),
Innovative telepresence projects with international partners(The Interactive Banquet, an event put on in with the Art Center Nabi in Seoul during BN#5).

The RAN and UNESCO’s Creative Cities network: a network-led strategy

The Digital Arts Network (DAN), founded in 2007 by the CDA and several of its partners, is an international collaboration platform comprising some forty establishments in nine countries at the frontier of art, science and technology. The DAN brings together production and distribution companies, festivals, labs and universities, art schools and business clusters. This symbiosis between members aims to pool technology watch tools and develop new models for coproduction and distribution in the field of digital art.

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The CDA is also an active member of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network (UCCN)..Launched in 2004, this network champions the development of international cooperation between cities that have singled out the media arts as a driver of sustainable development. UCCN now has 116 members, including the cities of Beijing, Seoul, Montreal, Buenos Aires and Tel-Aviv. Enghien is the smallest town to be a member and the third in the “media arts” category. Its role as coordinator on the steering committee confers it special status as part of the decision-making process regarding UCCN’s strategy and future actions.

Expertise of international renown

The CDA sits on arts committees and contributes to digital arts projects with businesses in France and beyond. For instance, through the 25-year partnership between the Department of Val d’Oise and Osaka Prefecture (Japan), the CDA is currently working with construction company Obayashi and communications firm ISI Dentsu on developing participative digital arts projects in the new urban district of Umekita just north of Osaka train station.

The CDA is also regularly invited to share its experience and expertise at national and international seminars, conferences and workshops on the role of digital arts as a driver of economic, cultural and social regional development. These invitations from a variety of organisations – ranging from regional authorities and business clusters to universities, research institutes and training centres – are a testament to their growing interest in digital arts and its potential as a source of creativity and innovation, a regenerator of social connections, economic growth and regional marketing.

Through these regular interactions with industry networks and civic forums and in partnership with other public and private institutions, the CDA is also seeking to gain more insight into developments in digital practices and their artistic, cultural and professional repercussions. It promotes greater integration of all things digital in art projects across every aspect of French and European cultural policies.