The Centre des arts - Enghien’s state-funded digital arts centre

Enghien-les-Bains, Media Arts city - a member of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network since 2013

At the junction of art, science and technology, the CDA is an innovations hub and an expertise and consulting platform. As the first state-funded centre specialising in digital arts, now in its 12th year, the CDA promotes a diverse arts programme and spearheads many international projects.

► A rich programme of visual art exhibitions, live performances, music events and film screenings
► Two flagship events
• Bains numériques – Enghien-les-Bains’ international digital arts biennale
• Paris Images Digital Summit – the international festival dedicated to digital production and visual effects
► A social hub with a café, a book and gift shop, talks, workshops and a co-working space
► Art residencies and co-productions to support contemporary artists
► The digital numeric lab, an incubator for innovative start-ups in partnership with the Académie des Sciences-Institut
► A collaborative platform with an international dimensionfor experience sharing and co-productions
► Technical expertise to develop technology, art projects in the public space, new scenographic techniques and audiovisual production

A resource hub for the digital arts

Accepted into UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network in November 2013, Enghien-les-Bains became the world’s smallest municipality to offer a flagship digital arts programme, embodied by the CDA, geared towards local and global projects.

For over twelve years, the spa town located at the gateway to Paris has developed a cultural programme with ambition and conviction. The CDA has always pursued a bold arts strategy and has established itself at the heart of the artistic landscape, notably since 2005 with the arrival of Bains numériques, the international digital arts biennial. 

Multidisciplinary by vocation, the CDA specialises in production (live performances, exhibitions, installations, audiovisual), distribution and art initiatives for and with the general public, and also runs a programme of arts residencies to support contemporary artists. International cooperation has also become an important component of Enghien’s digital activity supported by the CDA which acts as the lead partner on digital innovation projects in the areas of visual art, performance art and cinema.

The CDA is now the centre point where all forms of digital art converge, made possible by the strong relations forged with artists and members of the public but also with the scientific community, such as the partnership established with the Académie des Sciences in 2014, and the economic community - a start-up incubator called Numeric lab opened in 2015..

Editorial Philippe Sueur

Mayor of Enghien-les-Bains, Vice president of the General Council of the Val d’Oise

Editorial Dominique Roland

Vice-Director of the town services of Enghien-les-Bains - Department "Digital Innovation and development"

Numeric Lab

Incubator innovative Start-Ups

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