► Managed day to day by a 22-strong team, the CDA covers 3,000 m2 split over four levels plus accommodation to host eight resident artists.

► Digit’ hall: featuring a small stage, a café and a book and gift shop, this space is also designed for co-working.

► A 383-seat auditorium with an integrated 250 m2 stage is equipped for multi-media broadcasting and boasts outstanding acoustics and a 4K cinema projection system.

► A multi-cam audio and video studio and a 48-track audio console for recording live performances, albums, shows and concerts are also designed for live streaming.

► A 263 m2 exhibition gallery over two floors is dedicated to visual and digital art and contemporary design.

► On different levels, three modular work and exhibition areas host artists and workshops: a 110 m2 dance studio, a 200 m2 black box and a digital studio, a full audio-visual production unit kitted out for post-production.

► Numeric Lab: an incubator where start-ups can receive tailored support, a flexible hosting solution, spaces for production, prototyping and experimentation.

► [In the streets … The whole town is regularly transformed into an open-air museum comprising installations in public spaces, interactive technology with citizens and outdoor concerts on the lake's floating stage!]

• Auditorium

• Black Box
• Studio de danse

• Studio numérique