Life, Light & Language

Eduardo Kac

Since the early 1980s, Kac has pioneered new art forms to create poetry and art that explore the limits of locality, light, language and life.  From his anticipatory holopoetry to his current biopoetry, from his telepresence works to his ongoing bio art, Kac has continuously broken new ground. He has integrated many disciplines to present an imaginative view of art's relevance to the contemporary world, a view which has firm roots in the artist's background in philosophy and literature. Widely recognized for his innovative work, he pioneered telecommunications art before the Web, particularly with his telepresence art. His work has progressively focused on the relationships among and between humans, machines, animals, and other life forms. Kac‘s work explores but goes beyond human language and culture to encompass communication between all living organisms. Enchanting and
intellectually stimulating, his art embodies a visionary combination of robotics, biotechnology and networking. Kac uses communication processes, biological life, and digital networks to create works that explore fundamental human experiences such as the fluidity of language, dialogical interaction and awareness of our relative place in the larger community of life.

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