Friday 13 April 2012 (All day) to Friday 13 July 2012 (All day)

The Pan-Canadian exhibition collects artists’ comments on works highlighting the ambiguity of our relationships with machinery throughout day to day life.

A manifestation on a quasi continental scale seems to take into account the diversity but also the prolific character of contemporary creations from abroad. Associated with Electra, the International digital art festival of Montreal, the Centre des Arts proposes a selection of pan Canadian artists of whose propositions call out to the human side of its ambiguous relation with conceived technologies.

What we can’t do ourselves, will be done by machines which we will invent. Silence - John Cage.

The complexity of relations is directly questioned in this phrase by the famous American composer and takes the form of a signal or a warning. Present daily, they become a complete scene, calling out for imagination and new possibilities… also beyond the representations, reveal the artifice and the excursions limits, this small detail that we call illusion, everyday life. The ‘MACHines’ exposition is also a reference to the propagation speed notably used for sound. ‘MACH’ is a double reference to the domains of science and of perception, which is possible to evaluate when a sound is ‘felt’, either by resonance – hearing, or by vibration – the entire body. This double proposition provokes a sonority question but also a technological one, as a possible interface between a body and its environment. A neo romantic vision, where man controls nothing of his own creation, preyed on by new emotions and based on, digital and sound installations, visualizing MACHines, dreaming, and memory deleting. Electra is a cultural manifestation from Montreal presenting its works and artists which unites electronic music and visual creations issued from new technologies (animation, installation and robotic). Electra creates a link between creative Media such as music, audio-visual, cinema, design, games and sound installation or interaction in conjunction with the newest digital technologies.

The Centre des Arts – Exhibition hall

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