Alain Thibault

With “MACHines“ the full focus is on Canada and a theme whose discourse questions humankind and its ambiguous relationship with the technologies it invents. Part of the
everyday, they form a landscape of their own, summoning up the imagination and new possibilities in turn… but beyond representations also reveal the tricks and limitations of
travel, this detail that suggests illusion. The “MACHines“ exhibition is also a reference to the speed of propagation that we commonly use for sound. “Mach” is a double reference to the fields of science and perception, that which it is possible to evaluate the moment we feel a sound, either through its resonance – our hearing, or its vibrations – our entire body.
This double discourse raises the question of sound, but also technology, as a possible interface between the body and its environment. A neo-romantic vision where humankind
is no longer master of its own invention and suffers from a new nature of emotion, from MACHines capable of prefiguring new tomorrows to re-enchant the world.



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